An Extensive Grad School Supply List

An Extensive Grad School Supply List

Your time as an undergraduate taught you how to study, while balancing a social life, part-time job, and extracurricular activities. Graduate school teaches you how to further your career through education. Whether you are transitioning straight from an undergraduate program to a graduate one, or you are starting school again after a long hiatus, you may need a refresher on your school supply needs.

Many of the items you need for your graduate program can be found at Walgreens. Save even more by checking Groupon’s Walgreens coupon section for digital and physical discount codes.

The Basics

Compose a list of all your basic school supplies: pens, pencils, paper, folders, and etc. Buy your pen and pencil supplies in bulk. Amazon is a great place for bulk supplies, e.g, as of 2017, a 144 box of pens sells for only $12 on the ecommerce giant.

For notebooks, invest in a couple five-subjects notebooks. They are a little more expensive than buying individual ones, but they save space and keep you organized. All your course notes are kept in one notebook with separating tabs or covers.

Buy a binder for every subject: ones that have pockets and spiral rings. Label the binders with easy to remove tape, so that you can recycle them for next semester. Include highlighters, staplers, paperclips, hole-puncher, and sticky notes on your final school supply list. Also include a planner to stay on top of appointments and assignments. A refillable water bottle is also a university requirement.

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