5 tips for passing high school exams

Exams are probably one of the most stressful things for high school students, which can make studying a chore. However, your school exam results can and often will have a significant impact on your career, the university you attend and your career later in life, so it’s worth getting it right.

Check out the 5 key tips below for getting the best grade possible in your school exams.

1.  Study smart

It may sound obvious, but studying is the single best way to ensure you pass your high school exams. But don’t just study, study smart. Put together a study plan with a classmate and stick to it. Look at the subjects where you need to spend most of your time and prioritise.

Don’t make the cardinal sin of leaving it all until the last minute – it’s impossible to cram it all in the night before and you’ll be left feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Study in short bursts according to your plan and take short breaks to recharge the batteries.

If you want to be super organised, you could even do some early preparation during the summer. Think about taking some additional classes over the summer months, or take a look at a local summer program in your chosen subject.

2.  Get help

You should never be afraid of asking for help, especially from teachers or other school staff – it’s what they’re there for afterall. Teachers can help you put together a study plan and offer advice on which subjects they think you should be focusing on and how.

In most schools, there’ll be hundreds of teenages in the same position – why not team up or put a study group together? It can help with planning study times and methods.

3.  Combat stress or anxiety

On the morning of exam day, it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious and stressed, but don’t let these feelings take over as you’ll need a cool head in your exam.

If you do begin to feel overwhelmed, consider a breathing exercise or have a go on a wellness app like Headspace. These are great techniques for keeping cool, calm and collected on the big day.

4.  Prepare for the big day

Pack everything you need the night before for your exams. You don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken on the morning of the exam, stressing because you can’t find your calculator.

Plan your whole morning, making sure you eat a full breakfast and have a good amount of energy for the day, setting yourself up for success.

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